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Gadgets protector Features

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Our patron comments

Great product and super cheap as compared to the market for total body protection. Fits great. No bubbles. I bought three more for all my family and friends for iPhones. It’s rubbery thin quality so it does not effect the clarity at all. Fantastic product

This is an excellent mobile scratch guard, very well thought and produced. If I am not wrong, this scratch guard will protect my iphone 5 until the next 4 years. It is an absolute wonder. It actually adds few mm over my phone but still you would have no difference in operating the phone.

Truly a great product.. Just received it and installed within sometime.. So happy with the product No bubbles/finge prints/scratches.. Was provided with all the guidelines on “how to install”… new thing in mobile protection

Have to stick carefully, over all super product, protects full body, not visible to others, feeling rubbery and gives grip to hold the mobile.

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