Hi first questions from everybody what is GADGETS PROTECTOR ?  A Mobile scratch guard? then why it is costly when compare to other mobile screen covers, mobile cases and mobile scratch guards? And what is total body protection? Some shocked! “what! it must install with water”? on seeing the installation video.

I tell the entire story of What? Why? and why not? Gadgets Protector mobile scratch guard!

Gadgets Protector is a thermoplastic urethane film used on airplanes, Luxury Cars eg: Bentley, Porsche, Rolls-Royce protect from stone chips, bug splatters, and minor abrasions, scratches etc.
What is Thermoplastic urethane film ?

This film were first used by U.S.A military during Vietnam War, Helicopter rotor blades and other sensitive parts of military transports were often damaged by flying pieces of a bomb, shell, or bullet that has exploded. To protect these parts U.SA. military used Thermoplastic urethane film, it
is clear, thin, tough and durable, scratch proof with self healing technology, its adoption was uncharacteristically quick for the US military. Don’t believe? just GOOGLE it.

How Gadgets Protector Mobile scratch guard made in this Thermoplastic urethane film?

We import this film from USA, it is a three layer film very thin, end to end cut for every device, we are using top laser cutting machines so it will fits exactly with perfect cut outs, we cover entire device not only screen body and sides also, you can open, remove battery, can charge, use headphones just watch our Gadgets protector mobile scratch guard testing video you will know the difference.

This mobile skin or mobile scratch guard gives total body protection for your mobile from scratches and external damages. U.S.A. based material so bit costly comparing to other mobile scratch guard or mobile covers and please don’t compare Gadgets Protector to other mobile scratch guard, mobile screen guard, mobile skins, mobile screen guard, mobile cases, mobile covers, mobile tempered glass etc., it is uncomparable, you will come to know when start using our mobile scratch guard. Is is a very thin mobile skins gives invisible protection for the mobile without disturbing the original appearance. Think buying costly mobiles and using
it with bulk cases and faded screen guards to protect from scratches it will look good? So why not Gadgets protector mobile scratch guard?

 Installation process:

Yes you must install this Gadgets protector mobile scratch guard through water only, and don’t be shocked you don’t need to dip your mobile in water just have to wet the mobile scratch guard in the soup solution to adjust the placement and make it fits perfectly, just watch our installation video before starting to
install the mobile skin it is easy to understand. Just go to our image gallery to check our mobile scratch guard features and the difference between other mobile cases and mobile covers

Gadgets protector designed in USA and manufactured in INDIA, collaboration with German technology. Peoples started using our mobile scratch guard outside India, in India we are in, there are other companies who can provide scratch guard same like this, but if you use our product you can see the difference easily. The next generation
mobile scratch now in India!. Gadgets protector mobile scratch guard – precision cut for a perfect fit, Self healing makes scratches disappear, Durability and tough, HD clear, Very thin, air bubble free.

Precision cut for a perfect fit: As we said before for every device it will fits perfectly without disturbing the original appearance.

Gadgets Protector mobile scratch guard Self healing technology:

With self healing technology the scratches will disappear automatically form the mobile scratch guard, not your mobile our scratch guard it self will never get scratched that the main thing in our product.

Gadgets Protector mobile scratch guard Durability and tough: We can proudly say its touch and durability cannot be compared with any mobile cases or mobile covers.

HD Clear: Crystal clear, UV protected any thing better is there in the market?

Gadgets Protector mobile scratch guard Very thin: It is very thin 0.02 mm thin u will-feel like rubbery wen u hole in your hand it gives grip to hold the mobile.

Air bubble free: u cant see air bubbles after installing automatically it will disappear after some time.

About Gadgets Protector mobile scratch guard company :

We are not a big company wen we started, first we have an idea to do something different in mobile industry one of the fastest growing industry. Every one using mobile without mobile there will be missing something, so mobile usage became a part in day today life. People buying costly mobiles and tabs based on the mobile software versions, speed, camera pixels and look of the mobile ect. Peoples spent so much on mobiles and to protect the outlook they are using bulk cases, screen guard, mobile scratch guard, because of this the original appearance of the mobile in not visible so what is the use of getting costly mobiles and cover it with bulk cases and faded mobile scratch guard. So we the students of madras university decided to cover the mobile with some invisible thing which give protection to the mobile with out disturbing the original appearance. They are some companies providing same total body protection mobile scratch guard but the quality is not up to the mark. We came to know about this Thermoplastic urethane film which was used in war to protect the airplanes etc. why we cant use this in mobile, like this we started by reading and researching and finally we done it.

At beginning our customers feared to install this mobile skins or mobile scratch guard, but slowly our product reached the peoples now all are happy. And we thank the Flipkart, Amazon and E bay for the support they given for growing. Now we are very happy to watch peoples giving good feedback about the product.

So, why are you waiting for ? Order a Gadgets Protector mobile scratch guard now and have a scratch-resistant layer of protection between your device and the rigors of everyday life.